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The key point in all search lies in the perfect keyword you use. The logical use of these key words would enhance your blogs place and this is one of the best ways in SEO tactic. Now learn how to use these keywords and where to use

Note: Use different words from the common blogging words because it can differentiate your keywords in search and get you on top of search.
After finishing a post check the best keyword in your post then use that word at least once in 4-5 lines so it is better. The blog title must contain this key word you are going to use.

 1. Keyword in Post Titles
 The blog title must contain this key word you are going to use because this could  say what is your post about and conclude the content in that post.

 2. Keywords in the first paragraph Add the keywords to the very first paragraph which can help your post in all searches and increase your ranking. And then use it in remaining paragraph so you can make a good internal linking within your website.

3.Use the keyword in your permalink so that whenever someone searches this keyword your link would be on top. When we use in our url they get a confirmation of what they are looking for.


Images are one of the important things you need to know about. Every reader doesn’t get the curiosity to read more and we need to make it simple for the readers so they carry on reading so when they start they get involved.
We have a first impression by looking at the image of the post so when it is nice sure they will read it. Here are some things you need to follow

 1.   Renaming the image, they should be done in which it suits your post title and your content so in an image search you can get better and get audience.

 2.   Try to reduce the size of the image by converting into simpler format of images.this would cut the time of loading.

Change the static meta description.

In latest blogger edge we have some more added SEO options which is also including meta description for a single post and also for a blog description. There is a problem in doing it some users have a old static Meta description code so to make it into new do these things
select blog template ------->html -------->proceed 

  Below the <head> tag use the code shown

<b:if cond=’data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;’>
<meta expr:content=’data:blog.metaDescription’ name=’description’/>


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