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Interesting fact is that Samsung also has some headphones in market and the model name is “LEVEL”headphone. Since their launch their sales has stacked up so they have launched new model namely “Level On Wireless Pro”.



By having a look at the image it clearly states that Samsung is focusing on its elegant design.It’s a very cool design of headphone to wear and walk. They come in silvery gold and black colors.

Samsung stated that they used a feature called “Ultra High Quality Audio”  (UHAQ) which we might not know about it, but they have said that it has a superior sound quality than CD such that it just feels like listening to something live. Technically they have a 40mm dual layered diaphragm which can present balance sound. To make sure that you are free from outside noise they have installed four mics and noise cancellation feature. There is a special mode in this Head phone called Talk in mode in which we can listen to outside sound also so that it is useful a lot while running and walking etc. Its weight is 236 g.

The specialty of this phone is it has Bluetooth 4.1 in it and it can be paired using NEAR FIELD CONTACT (NFC) and also it can be connected with your through 3.5mm audio jack.It also has smart touch controls and a very cool folding design.

In short about the battery life details its Play Time is 10 hours (Noise cancellation ON) and 20 hours (Noise cancellation OFF) and Standby Time is 200 hours (approx.)

Image of some of level headphones 

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