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Most of us now have a car some of them have a latest one but some have old once. The latest once make the old car owners think why on earth I bought this I could have waited for the new one because of its cool new features. Hers is a solution for that VERIZON had made a device which can check for any possible problem in your car and inform you by your phone. The name of the device is called “HUM”, don’t ask me why they named it HUM.

Before I tell you about the device I need to ask you a question – do you know what is a OBD ii diagnostic port? If, yes skip this paragraph else read this paragraph.
This device has two important parts number one – A dongle that’s plugs your car’s OBDII diagnostic port and number two is a Bluetooth device that connects to sun visor.

What does this device provide?

*It gives diagnostic report to the user
 *A mechanic hotline
*Roadside assistance                         
*A phone Bluetooth interface

It is able to connect with ios and Android and a surprise is they don’t cost you for the device instead they collect $ 15 per month and add some more car of yours it costs $13 per month.

This device can call a certified mechanic and let him tell you about the problems in your car and how much you need to spend to fix it up. It has a GPS to know the accurate position of you in case of emergency and it can make an emergency call too. The GPS is also helpful in finding the parked car and in case you’re not the owner anymore.

At last the device has a dongle that can know that you had a crash and call an emergency service without using your phone.

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