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Tesla Model 3: The trend of the future

Tesla unveiled its Model 3 on 31st of March with a superb reception at the event. The most shocking thing happening in the event was that even before unveiling the Model 3, the booking counter had crossed the 100000 mark. The model 3 is a smaller car compared to Tesla’s earlier model aimed at the general public. It has a base price of $35000 which is way cheaper than the model S and the Model X, nearly 1/3.

The orders have crossed 325000 as of today and increasing day to day. Tesla’s new challenge now is to increase its production fivefold from what it was earlier and to do this it has to open new base plants for the car all over the world. Mr. Musk told that he is bringing model 3 to India too. It’s a great delight for electric car lovers and young thinkers who respect Elon Musk a lot. Musk aims to finish his production and launch the car by the end of 2017. Well, it will be a big task for him since he was always slow in his production of cars with orders in the range of 50000 last year. He has already thought of setting up plants in France and Honk Kong for providing cars to Europe and South Asia respectively.

The design of the car was one of the most compelling things in the event. "This is an auto company that is breaking the mold and doing stuff incredibly differently, and I totally trust that they are going to come out with an awesome vehicle two years from now" as said by one of the fans at Tesla Model 3 event. One the design front, the car’s roof area is one continuous pane of glass, which was highly appreciated by the mass gathered there. The front of the car has no mesh which looks quite cute according to fans. Musk also mentioned that the interior of the car will be unveiled in part 2 of the Model 3 and it will be an inspiration from his other company SpaceX. Fans had camped out overnight, queuing outside Tesla stores in California to put down deposits on the auto reminding us of the iPhone moment of Apple Inc.

Musk knows what he is doing and he is surely confident of his plans ahead. Risk is all he has been taking from the moment he entered the entrepreneurial world and he has to take it once more fighting with time to fulfill his customers demands. Sure, loyalty is one thing Musk proved to his fans by providing every purchaser with gifts in the near future. It would be interesting to see how the Model 3 changes the way we see the world. Will 2018 be the change from combustion engine to electric? Well, as long as Musk is there to prove himself, nothing can go wrong.


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