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In this peak of technology gaming has become a part of our lives and the big rival’s compete each other by releasing the new games and developing them. The device which we use before was PCs but now all of them have changed to laptops, tables and smart phones. At some extent we guessed that on PCs may not survive in using them but actually it was not let down and it is becoming stronger and stronger now.

So we need to know which is best in everything likewise the top 3 gaming pc are listed below which are available in market now, the list is according to 2013.     

  Dell Alienware X51

Alienware X51 is a uniquely engineered pc gaming with a cool design, powerful hard hardware with a good price.

 HP Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix 
The best and most powerful Pavilion PCs in this time among it all PCs. A sharp forward-looking design, the immense speed of digital data creation and lightning gaming .This pc is a power saver and comes with wonderful graphics.

Falcon Northwest Tiki

The pc is one of the successful sellers and most used gaming PCs in the world this market year. It has a quit good looking and fine inner layout. But this one is greater in delivering the gaming performance. The PC is with the standard 3 years of warranty.

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