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We would have experienced pouring of water on the keyboard, mistakenly spilled coffee or other liquid onto the keyboard. At that time our faces would turn like this 
but no need to worry because we have a water resistant key board which even can be washed.
The advantages of this keyboard are
It can be washed easily and dry faster. Stop the worries of covering the keyboard with a cover and using with a embarrassment. This keyboard looks cool and very stylish too.
The model name of this Keyboard is K310.

                  Think about a keyboard which can be washed when it is dirty. Have you ever know about these kinds of keyboards. Now the leading computer accessories producing company Logitech has introduced a keyboard which can be washed. The letters, symbols and numbers are laser printed and ultra violent layered so that the letters won’t lose colors.
This amazing and stylish keyboard is priced at $40.


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