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As we know Google is best for search they have designed new search type that is by smell for each word there is an option of smelling. This factor works on almost every computer. For now they have did a sample for some key words for a trial but not sure it is true or not.

There is a notification that if any problems or can’t smell click for help it comes, then if you go to that web page you will see some 5 reasons, one of the reason in that is it could be due to today is April fool’s day.

How it works the speakers create a ultra sound in which they alter the atoms in such a way that smell like a real one, as it was said before this ol-factory thing is possible lets believe it comes through and make a change in the world.

Note : but if  you listen very carefully you can hear the very tiny sound produced by computer.
I don’t know this fact is true or not but I tried it and got no smell out of it.



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