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Now currently the Samsung is going pocket full of money even in the the past year 2012 and even the new year. As per the experts form a counterpoint . They have a ballpark figure of each month sale of mobile is now 25 million in this year and putting them on the right path for a 70+ million sales Q1.for now it would be a new record of the company.

The growth of the other phone companies her it goes :
Samsung share market increased to 35% from 32%.
This year’s important competitor Apple increased it s share by 21% from 17%.
LG also had a little gradient in it growth by going up from  4% to  4.3%.

The info states  that Samsung will be earning $7.7 billion in this year this one is not confirm by the Q1 report let the full report come then we could see everything and with this report we can know about the performance of Samsung galaxy S III before the market is conquered by S4.

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