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When i heard of Google’s new tablet computer nexus 10.i thought it would be promoting its products and about Google. Except delivering you very lightning control to G mail and YouTube, Nexus 10 drives to digital movies, books and other info accessible for sale through Google’s online play store.

Due to this it could not be used as a substitute for ipad mini. Thought it costs $100 lesser than it. But it took a long time to android for all app in Smartphone works on tablet too. Still, the Nexus really shines when it comes to media - especially content bought through Google. Through the years Google is trying to give a stiff competition to Apple and Amazon by promoting out the digital content.

The latest updated play store, there also you can get diversity of apps, Many free apps and some costing a small fee to. You are able to rental fee movies and acquire books, magazines and music. But Google said that it needs to achieve a massive growth in digital economy

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