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Tesla unveiled its Model 3 on 31st of March with a superb reception at the event. The most shocking thing happening in the event was that even before unveiling the Model 3, the booking counter had crossed the 100000 mark. The model 3 is a smaller car compared to Tesla’s earlier model aimed at the general public. It has a base price of $35000 which is way cheaper than the model S and the Model X, nearly 1/3.

The orders have crossed 325000 as of today and increasing day to day. Tesla’s new challenge now is to increase its production fivefold from what it was earlier and to do this it has to open new base plants for the car all over the world. Mr. Musk told that he is bringing model 3 to India too. It’s a great delight for electric car lovers and young thinkers who respect Elon Musk a lot. Musk aims to finish his production and launch the car by the end of 2017. Well, it will be a big task for him since he was always slow in his production of cars with orders in the range of 50000 last year. He has already thought of setting up plants in France and Honk Kong for providing cars to Europe and South Asia respectively.

The design of the car was one of the most compelling things in the event. "This is an auto company that is breaking the mold and doing stuff incredibly differently, and I totally trust that they are going to come out with an awesome vehicle two years from now" as said by one of the fans at Tesla Model 3 event. One the design front, the car’s roof area is one continuous pane of glass, which was highly appreciated by the mass gathered there. The front of the car has no mesh which looks quite cute according to fans. Musk also mentioned that the interior of the car will be unveiled in part 2 of the Model 3 and it will be an inspiration from his other company SpaceX. Fans had camped out overnight, queuing outside Tesla stores in California to put down deposits on the auto reminding us of the iPhone moment of Apple Inc.

Musk knows what he is doing and he is surely confident of his plans ahead. Risk is all he has been taking from the moment he entered the entrepreneurial world and he has to take it once more fighting with time to fulfill his customers demands. Sure, loyalty is one thing Musk proved to his fans by providing every purchaser with gifts in the near future. It would be interesting to see how the Model 3 changes the way we see the world. Will 2018 be the change from combustion engine to electric? Well, as long as Musk is there to prove himself, nothing can go wrong.
Xiaomi is a cheap and best in electronics now they have made a entry into speakers.

Xiaomi has introduced a new Mi Bluetooth speaker with full aluminum body cover with 1,500 mAh battery which can be played for 8 long hours in one charge.

Important thing is it has a built-in mic for attending the calls hands free through Bluetooth and SD card (micro) if you do not want to use your Bluetooth.Mi Bluetooth speakers have a built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) with a AV3102 chipset.

Xiaomi said that these speakers can be a loud as 90 db (decibel) measure at 0.5m.Happy news is they only cost 31$ which is very cheap for this quality and these speakers come in three colors Blue, Gold and Pink paintjobs.

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Nokia, running down in mobile market doesn’t make it the end of it, keeping the chances high Nokia is exploring in new sectors of technology. Nokia will be coming in with its new OZO, the world’s first virtual reality camera for pros. It is expected to be launched before 2015 ends.

This device was developed in the Finnish company’s R&D department in Tamper. Yesterday in California this device was announced. “OZO aims to advance the next wave of innovation in VR by putting powerful tools in the hands of professionals who will create amazing experiences for people around the world”, are the words of Ramzi Haidamus , president of Nokia.

The camera uses 8 synchronized sensors and an equal number of integrated microphones to capture 3D video. A key feature is the ability for real time 3d viewing, eliminating the resource-consuming process of creating a panoramic image prior to playback.

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As we know Srilanka is isolated place it’s a difficult task to get internet access to all the place but now the Srilankan government is the first to provide the internet access to all its citizens anywhere in Srilanka by the project called “LOON”. This is the first time for any country to do this project with the search engine giant.

The concept is to give the internet connection by using balloons filled with helium. Its helium because it rate of diffusion is small compared to other and its non inflammable.

With balloons every where the government can charge for the local Isp for the access of the balloons so that the quality and cost may be reduced. This plan will be executed from March of 2016.

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Want to be wire free take a look at the image below how Samsung has invented a Bluetooth device which can connect to our devices like TV, stereo speakers, car and phones.

It might me quite boring to deal with wires of the head phone and everything Samsung has advance this to reality by making a device to make something wireless.

Click on the image and zoom it for clarity.

Most of us now have a car some of them have a latest one but some have old once. The latest once make the old car owners think why on earth I bought this I could have waited for the new one because of its cool new features. Hers is a solution for that VERIZON had made a device which can check for any possible problem in your car and inform you by your phone. The name of the device is called “HUM”, don’t ask me why they named it HUM.

Before I tell you about the device I need to ask you a question – do you know what is a OBD ii diagnostic port? If, yes skip this paragraph else read this paragraph.
This device has two important parts number one – A dongle that’s plugs your car’s OBDII diagnostic port and number two is a Bluetooth device that connects to sun visor.

What does this device provide?

*It gives diagnostic report to the user
 *A mechanic hotline
*Roadside assistance                         
*A phone Bluetooth interface

It is able to connect with ios and Android and a surprise is they don’t cost you for the device instead they collect $ 15 per month and add some more car of yours it costs $13 per month.

This device can call a certified mechanic and let him tell you about the problems in your car and how much you need to spend to fix it up. It has a GPS to know the accurate position of you in case of emergency and it can make an emergency call too. The GPS is also helpful in finding the parked car and in case you’re not the owner anymore.

At last the device has a dongle that can know that you had a crash and call an emergency service without using your phone.

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Interesting fact is that Samsung also has some headphones in market and the model name is “LEVEL”headphone. Since their launch their sales has stacked up so they have launched new model namely “Level On Wireless Pro”.



By having a look at the image it clearly states that Samsung is focusing on its elegant design.It’s a very cool design of headphone to wear and walk. They come in silvery gold and black colors.

Samsung stated that they used a feature called “Ultra High Quality Audio”  (UHAQ) which we might not know about it, but they have said that it has a superior sound quality than CD such that it just feels like listening to something live. Technically they have a 40mm dual layered diaphragm which can present balance sound. To make sure that you are free from outside noise they have installed four mics and noise cancellation feature. There is a special mode in this Head phone called Talk in mode in which we can listen to outside sound also so that it is useful a lot while running and walking etc. Its weight is 236 g.

The specialty of this phone is it has Bluetooth 4.1 in it and it can be paired using NEAR FIELD CONTACT (NFC) and also it can be connected with your through 3.5mm audio jack.It also has smart touch controls and a very cool folding design.

In short about the battery life details its Play Time is 10 hours (Noise cancellation ON) and 20 hours (Noise cancellation OFF) and Standby Time is 200 hours (approx.)

Image of some of level headphones 

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Keeping it as a simple smart watch cannot survive the marketing of Samsung Galaxy Gear. The desire of the developers is to make it something innovative; the courtesy of XDA developer has lead to the new convention kernel for Gear.

Already the developers proved Gear is something creative by putting a custom ROM in it, but this is not the end the new convention kernel for Gear has got it creativity up by one level so that it can work at its maximum rate of 1.6 GHz of its dual core cortex A9 CPU.

As the user are concerned to get their maximum battery life they can set the CPU to perform at its lowest rate of 200MHz.This is the most energy efficient mode even this get the gear performance too slow. Some more feature of this new convention kernel Gear, the developer is LILSTEVIE.
Sony has unwrapped it new model Xperia T2 Ultra and T2 Ultra Dual. And it is a nice time for mobile lovers to know about a huge 6 inch mobile phone with two promo videos.

The below video is of length 90 sec and it represents the first model Xperia T2 Ultra single sim type.
This video shows the clean and stylish design of the phone. It is a big 6 inch screen size with full HD display and some of its software actions.

Make sure to watch the Xperia T2 Ultra video beneath.

This video represents the dual sim Xperia T2 Ultra. This shows some new feature about the dual sim phablet of their newest modes. See the video what Sony say you to see about new model of Xperia.

Now the new android version 4.4 kitkat has arrived in update of LG G2 but it has not completely launched all over the world. Soon they will release before June.

The main release of android software in part of does not make a change in the LG flagship. The changes are icons on status bar were colored white and gray but now no color is there. A new printing choice in the setting menu is added and it can get your apps to full screen.                                                      

If you have time here is a video of LG G2 powered by android SDK’s ADB utility.

This is a new leak about the nokia trying to get android oriented phones into Smartphone market named Normandy in which they are developing it. There is no confirmation about this leak. These images look that they may real and best design and we get more leaks about them online.

From above images we might not able to get the hardware or other specification. Since the phone display is on we can get some of the information’s about it. This one runs on a custom version of android with a UI that includes ideas from Asha model and windows phone. This one might be a low cost android which might take competition with Samsung and Sony mobiles.

It was knows that they started this android phone in early projects but which got buried as nokia is thinking about Google software’s but it has nice partnership with Microsoft.

Conclusion-“This might be an old image or this one is a new leaks but nokia is likely to bring up this model of phones".

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