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Now the question is that I phone 5 has taken long time to come keep its leg in market, So 

now the next release of the apple is iphone 5s  or 6 ?this question made me bite my nail man. This is the question which is unanswerable now faced by the world. Now we should go logically that now every time there is an half step advantage for the s model, so for now let’s wait for the rival of the iphone 5s then expect for iphone 6.

what is attractive in the i phone it s back cover .in the new i phone 6 the back cover is a mixture of plastic and metal in such a proportion the internal parts can be seen clearly.

The new iphone will do better for NFC, the I phone 6 will be running on a ios7, as we have a 128GB I pad we can have a iphone 6 with 128GB storage. As a change the home button will on the side of the phone but not confirm which side it is but it is at the bottom. It has two type or something. One has a giant Retina+ IGZO display .The size of the screen will be 4.8”inch.

The processor used in are two types one dual core-A6 and another is quad apple is using a new sensor a 13 mega pixel sensor in which we can take up less room without comprising image quality. One tech feature is that iphone 6 is having a eye tracking capability.

Only in uk we can have a very speed 4G LTE on 1800MHz band as uk is only offering it on it s launch this will be implemented. Informed that it will be having a 802.11ac and it is faster than lightning but not frightening. It has a wireless charging capability.

It s over let’s hope for some more technical information.


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